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Commemorative Tree Program
This program offers an opportunity to honor or remember an individual or to celebrate a special occasion in a unique way. Consider buying a living gift of a tree to honor the memory of a loved one, pet, fallen soldier, honor a special event like a birth, birthday, wedding or family celebration.

Why give trees as gifts and memorials?
Allentown recognizes the value of trees in our community. Trees create beauty, shade and provide food and shelter for many insects, birds and wildlife. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and lift spirits. The Shade Tree Commission has developed a Commemorative Tree Donation Program to enhance the beauty and sustainability of our parks and community. Trees help contribute and build a sense of community, consider donating a tree today and know it will beautify Allentown for years to come.

How the program works.
You can chose to either donate a new tree or adopt an existing tree for a donation of $250.00. For a new tree your donation will go towards the purchase of the tree, installation and a memorial tree marker. You may add additional commemoratives items around the tree but these must be removed after 6 months. If you are adopting a tree your donation will go towards a memorial tree marker and to help purchase other trees for the borough. A Letter of Acknowledgement will be sent to the donor and recipient. For new trees the Allentown Shade Tree Commission has developed a Tree Planting Plan for Heritage Park which will include groves of specific trees as well as two separate planting areas for specimen trees (similar to a small arboretum). A complete list of eligible trees and locations can be found on the Shade Tree Commission’s website.
Trees will be installed and maintained by Allentown Public Works. The final decision on location will be determined by the Shade Tree Commission. New tree installations are planned for April and October. Funds will be held in a dedicated trust until purchases are made. If a dedicated tree dies within 3 years of being planted, the tree will be replaced once with no additional donation required. The replacement tree will be of the type and size originally planted and installed within a six-month time period.

How to order.
You can download the form by clicking on the link below or send an email to shadetree@allentownboronj.com requesting the form.
Download Form

Memorial Tree Marker layout.
Lines One and Two: Who or what is being acknowledged
Line Three: Scientific Name, Common Name and Tree Reference Number
Line Four: QR Code

Sample Memorial Tree Marker

AHS Graduation Class of 2014
“Scientia bona est”

Pinus strobus, White Pine #121

Tree Reference Numbers and QR Code will point to the Shade Tree Commission’s webpage where a more complete dedication can be viewed including pictures of the individual, pet, business, etc. Also, information about the selected tree can also be displayed and when it was planted.